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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Shark-Man #2

Shark-Man #2 released today at comic-con San Diego.
Bubble trouble for the caped cod!


shane oakley said...

Ullo, Steve! The first issue of SHARK-MAN was eye-poppingly gorgeous, some of the best painted comic book art(digital or otherwise)I've seen for yonks - bravo!

steve pugh said...

Shane, thanks!
i'd been whining on about how my stuff was coloured for years, it was really time to "put up or shut up!"
I'm a hUUUUge fan of your work- thanks for making my first ever comment a nice one ;-)

Matt said...

Why isn't this book HUGE?!?
It's got all the ingredients you need for a successful comic and, come on, a grown man dressing like a shark -- it don't get much cooler than that!
Here's to 2008 -- THE YEAR OF SHARK-MAN!