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Thursday, July 26, 2007

spooky cop girl spirit hunter!

Hey, looks like Hotwire's finally happening.

"Radical Publishing executive Barry Levine, co-founder and Senior VP Jesse Berger and Co-Publisher and Editor in Chief David Elliott, will be debuting their new company to the world at booth #2701, July 25th-29th at the 2007 San Diego Comic Con tradeshow"

...and Alice is all set to join in. There's some art in the Hotwire gallery to get the feel of what she's about, but for fun, here's a toon drawing of Alice H.
I originally wanted to draw a manga style Alice, hence the "Engrish" captions, (I love Engrish, it's like accidental poetry!) but she ended up a looking a bit Ronald Searle around the eyes, so i went with it .
And here's a link to the Comic Book Resources story on Radical Publishing.

-hotwire created by steve pugh/warren ellis-

Hotwire gallery
Radical Publishing
CBR story on Radical Publishing

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