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Monday, January 28, 2008


DCP >scan on the left
on the right

So Shark-Man has turned up in a CBR pirate version, scanned by some guys named Team DCP.
How do i feel about it?
Well i dunno really.
Yeah, I'm kinda flattered in one way, but it's not like i can rationalize at it as an advert for a live concert in the way a musician can. It took three hard months to put Shark-Man #2 together, and we're not making much back.There's the "reaching a wider audience" thing i guess, and there's no glory in being a moody old f*ck about it.
heh, I'm such a control freak. I almost feel like sending them the original art files- I'd spent two nights just getting the colour separations right for the printers, and it kills me to think kids are ending up reading such a bleached out VHS copy!