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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Animal-Man #9

Animal-man #9 is out, and i guess this is the first of my official run because i'm doing the whole art job. New characters and mysterious special guests make this a big fun story. 



Traveller28 said...

This issue was utterly fantastic and I love the art on your tenure! I so want a Socks the cat sketch next time you're doing a con in Brum ;)

steve pugh said...

cheers man- i'm getting back into the swing of black and white drawing- love to do you a socks, he's becoming a bit of a break out character!

Traveller28 said...

Cheers! I shall hold you to that :) This has to be one of my favourite titles at the moment, everything about it is utterly fab, good work fella!

Unknown said...

I loved your work on the original series. It was my favorite run. your issues on the new series so far has shown vast improvement. I'm glad your back. the work has a magic realism stile to it. I hope you stay for a while. Is there a chance we will ever see you do any painted art for it like a cover? keep up the good work. I have often thought you draw animals better then any comic book artist in the medium, so this series plays to your strengths Good day

il decu said...

...and now your blog is linked into my post.
Nice to meet you, Steve!