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Sunday, January 18, 2009


OK, it's the first time I've been interviewed over the phone, and i seem to have developed a charming girlish giggle :-P
Anyway, here i am talking about Hotwire to a couple of genuinely nice guys who loves their comics:



Sandy said...

Hi Steve - I just wanted you to know that I posted a review of Hotwire #1 here. I enjoyed it a lot - keep up the good work!

Rusty said...

I didn't notice the girlish laughter on the podcast, only the most macho of chortles. Hotwire (the concept) sounds cool and the few pages I've seen look fantastic! Good luck.

shane oakley said...

ullo, steve. glad to have you back! thought you'd gone walkabout...
HOTWIRE looks damned fine, will be picking up a copy when i do my monthly visit to comic shop.

steve pugh said...

hey shane!
thanks, i appreciate the support!
it's taken a loong time to get alice on paper!

mob1900 said...

If Hotwire are to make it unto the Big Screen, who do you have in mind for the lead?

steve pugh said...

ha, fantasy casting?
i dunno, someone you could believe had a bit of integrity, i've been told more than once she looks like p!nk, who seems like a cool person, dunno if she's interested in acting ;-)
kiera knightly 'cause my crush on her continues, or i'd like to see what emily watson would do, she seems a very intensely focused person.
I paint Alice as short and deathly pale, but i'm not precious about it... i was watching a Rihanna video the other day and thought she'd got a killer look.
really i try not to think about it, or i'd start drawing her as the actress!
any ideas?

mob1900 said...

Taylor Momsen,
some chick from Gossip Girl tv series, I swear i've never watch it before! Google image her up and this is what I found:


Hotwire right there! Young(17?), hot and a successful tv actress(I heard). Though Emma's rebelious streak would be great for the big screen too. Wish we could blend this two up and make a clone outha them!

Great project on Hotwire, I actually went over to Whitechapel(W.Ellis's forum) and used Alice as my avatar and I got proposals, wth! lulz
There're demands for Alice all over the net, dude. Wallpapers, avatars, icons, etc. Soon she would be a superstar like Lara. Think about it.

p/s: your artwork has gone through the roof with Alice! You made a pact with the devil? lol

steve pugh said...

heh, thanksman!
taylors very cute, specially in her less polished band persona.
i won't judge you on gossip girl- you wouldn't believe the crappy tv i end up having on while i work ;-)
someone pointed out pixie geldof to me as a look-a-like, http://images.google.co.uk/images?q=pixie%20geldof&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wi
i love how she always looks like she's gone half a day too long without a shower, yesterdays mascara...very surly,nice
heh, i'm not sure how warren actually feels about hotwire, he, as always, plays his cards face down,
thanks for providing a presence there though ;-D

Rod Pereira said...

Hey dude,

I just want to give you Congratulations for this amazing art on Hot Wire,just insane man.

Jeremy from Radical comics, sent to me the first 2 books, and I' became a fan alredy!!!
I will look for the other books, on my comic book store here in Australia!!!

I just love it!!!

Keep the good work!!!

steve pugh said...

Rod, thanks!
i hope you enjoy the book, it's been a crazy ride!i took a look at your blog, beautiful work-i'm in love with your red sonjia!

Rod Pereira said...

Hi Steve,

Haha, thanks man, I have more work here if you would like to take a look.


Man let me ask you something.
In that work on Hot wire, did you make the whole 4 numbers of the book, and than presents to the guys of Radical comics, as your personal project, or do you was contracted by them to do this book??