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Thursday, January 08, 2009


">Here's the cover to Hotwire issue #2. Buy my book- I'm trying really hard:-) I'm going to be doing some promotion for Hotwire soon, including some podcast stuff... so you can hear my weird English voice! links will be posted as i get them, and you can find an interview and artwork at the link below:

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Anonymous said...

heh really looking forward to hotwire man. only just discovered radical comics the other day. I wonder if they take undergrads.

your comic stuff is great, is hotwire all digital ?

steve pugh said...

hey- cheers!
mostly photoshop but sometimes i have to drop back to colour pencils and smudgstick, i tried painter a few times, but i really hated it.

Tom said...

Is there going to be a graphic novel for this? I think I'd rather buy it in that format. Looks great by the way.

steve pugh said...

hopefully, but if the issues don't sell well.....who knows.
same old catch 22, i'm afraid.

Tom said...

Bah! I wonder if the coiner of "catch-22" did so with the foresight that single issue comic books would typically be 22 pages long

Unknown said...

Awesome I really can't wait to pick this up. Is there a for sure release date yet or is Feb 09 still as close as it's gonna get?

steve pugh said...

-steve V
we're launching at the new york comic-con, that's all i know, so hopefully i'll get my copy there.
ha- i had to buy my shark-mans on ebay!

fickilians said...

this is really cool... i just found out about radical comic yesterday and i bought Hotwire 1# with your cover ;P great work man. and am glad that this comic somehow could make it to Dubai .. we have no comic shops here and the only thing we get is marvel's spider man and hulk. so i was glad to c something new and amazing.

and u should put some tutorials here :D i thought its water color the first time. i do paint using photoshop as well never liked painter... so many options so little time :P

i will add this blog to my list :D and please be free to come and visit mine :D


Unknown said...

Just picked up Hotwire #1 and was really blown away, the artwork is, of course, fantastic, but the characters were interesting and the story makes you want to pick up the next issue.
Great job all the way around!

scot said...

Steve, I have been a fan since your Hellblazer days. I am constantly amazed at your attention to detail and innovative texturing methods. I love Sharkman but you have really outdone yourself with Hotwire. Amazing stuff.

Horacio Q said...

just read hotwire #! and #2 awesome stuff, i freaking luff your art man!
now i have to find more of your comics
damn it too many comics to read not enuff lifes :]